Creating beauty, a perfect expression of a life well lived

My life as an artist started in the early 90’s with the recycling of interior textile sample books that were headed for landfill. I couldn’t allow these exquisite materials to be buried, my mission was to recycle them into some form of visual art, and so began my life as a mixed media artist.

Initial works were small and intricately embellished, perfect for the then very popular handmade card market. These were sold through Sydney’s speciality shops and galleries. Encouraged by the enthusiastic response from buyers and galleries alike, larger works were developed onto watercolour paper and canvas.

After collecting contemporary interior and fashion textiles for years, I discovered the beauty of antique and vintage textiles from India, Japan, Turkey and Uzbekistan. Imagine the hands that have touched them and the women and places they've adorned, if only they could tell their story!

Although textile collage has always been my passion, photographic imagery has recently been introduced into many of my works. This adds an additional layer of complexity and dimension that enhances the narrative of the work. I have also recently explored techniques for applying textiles and photographic images to three dimensional objects, an art form that fuels my imagination no end. 

Through years of experimentation my techniques and artistic style have evolved significantly.  Textiles, threads, beads, papers, timber veneers and other decorative objects have always featured in my works, in particular, the metallic and coloured thread embellishment, both beautiful and practical, i.e. it prevents the edges of the textile from fraying. The threads and embellishments are applied using the same acid free adhesive as I use throughout the work, using dental instruments and a very steady hand!

Since 1999 I have regularly presented my works in group and solo exhibitions in NSW and Victoria. 

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